Prints Familiar are a garage pop/post-punk revival band formed in 2010


Their debut single, Lady Penelope, features infectious hooks and catchy guitar riffs interwoven to display Prints’ own brand of vintage lo-fi pop, infused with fresh production and creative arrangements. Badman’s candid lyrics tell the tale of a lovelorn misfit clumsily navigating his way through the modern age. Lady Penelope is a nod to that girl too kind to break hearts referenced in its blatantly irresistible chorus “You’re trying to let me down/So gently it’s just keeping me around.”

The six track debut EP Some People Will Listen to Anything was released in late 2014.

The band released their second  EP 'Recently Searched' due out mid Jan 2016 with first single 'Screenshot' released in mid November.

The band is currently in the production stage of their third EP, which features 'Surface Level' and other tracks off the 'Live from the Void' live EP